Discover Different Types of Industrial Capacitors and Their Famous Brands

In this article, we will talk about various types of industrial capacitors. Finally, we will introduce you to famous brands in the field of industrial capacitors. Stay with us.

First, we will provide a general definition of a capacitor. Then, various types of industrial capacitors, such as power factor correction capacitors (capacitor banks), will be presented for different purposes. And finally, information about famous brands of industrial capacitors will be available to you, dear readers. The Electroshield team hopes that this content can greatly assist you in selecting and purchasing suitable equipment.

What Is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is a component used to store electrical energy (voltage) in a circuit by an electrostatic field (electric charge). Since electric charge is stored in the capacitor, it can be used to create a uniform and stable electric field. Capacitors are also used as filters because they easily allow alternating current (AC) signals to pass through but block direct current (DC) signals.

Capacitor Uses in Industry

The use of capacitors as reactive power generators for voltage regulation, power oscillation prevention in networks, and power factor correction in consumers is very common due to its cost-effectiveness and system simplicity. Capacitors can be used in shunt and series configurations in the network.

A group of capacitors connected together to correct the power factor of the network is called a capacitor bank. And a group that can control reactive power through it is called a capacitor bank panel. Capacitor banks are commonly used in energy transmission networks, switching stations, distribution networks, industrial centers, etc.

Capacitor bank panels are used to compensate for reactive power and increase power factor (power factor) in weak pressure distribution networks. Automatic capacitor banks are equipped with a power factor regulator (controller). This regulator measures the voltage and current waveforms and their time difference, determines the required capacitor, and connects it to the network.

The switching operation of capacitors is performed by contactors controlled by the regulator. The application areas of automatic capacitor bank panels include large and small factories, administrative complexes, commercial centers, hotels, hospitals, and similar places.

Capacitor bank panels are designed and manufactured in various reactive power ratings according to the needs of customers. It should be noted that automatic capacitor banks are the most common and practical means for correcting the power factor of the network. Therefore, the reasons for installing capacitors or capacitor banks can be divided into two categories:

1- Power factor correction of loads to reduce losses in the network and save power consumption.

2- Voltage regulation and maintaining its stability to prevent damage to devices.

Next, we will briefly introduce the types of industrial capacitors and their brands.

Types of Industrial Capacitors

Based on the diagram below, industrial capacitors are divided into two categories:

1- Low Voltage Capacitors

2- Medium Voltage Capacitors Structure of Low Voltage Capacitors

The active part of the capacitor consists of two thin aluminum foils separated by layers of oil-saturated paper and synthetic fluids such as benzyl. Sometimes, materials like polypropylene are used instead of paper.

These foils are wound several turns around a tube and form a capacitor unit, or a number of these layers are stacked on top of each other and placed collectively inside a container filled with insulating liquid, and the two ends of the capacitor are connected to the external environment through terminals.

To provide thermal protection for capacitor banks, bimetal and thermal relays are used to command the disconnection of the capacitor contactor coil. The adjustment of these relays is set at 1.43 times the rated current of the capacitor.

Structure of Medium Voltage Capacitors

Medium voltage capacitors are comprised of several capacitor elements. These capacitor elements are connected in series and parallel in such a way that the desired voltage level and power are achieved. If necessary, each of these elements is equipped with an internal fuse. In case of damage to a capacitor element, the internal fuse connected to it will act within a short period and remove the defective capacitor element from the circuit.

Thus, the internal fuse improves the reliability of the system and reduces the occurrence of capacitor bank failures (improves availability).

Capacitors in the construction of medium voltage and high voltage capacitor banks, both fixed and automatic, are used. To achieve the desired voltage for the capacitor bank as well as the desired insulation level, capacitor units are appropriately connected in series and parallel to each other and installed in panels or on racks.

The stainless steel body of the capacitors has made them resistant to corrosion, enabling them to be used outdoors or indoors while having resistance to environmental stress.

These capacitors are available in two types: three-phase capacitors up to a nominal voltage of 12 kilovolts and single-phase capacitors (CHV-M) up to a nominal voltage level of 20 kilovolts (suitable for 33 kilovolt systems).

In this section, various types of industrial capacitors are examined in terms of well-known brands available in the Iranian market with a track record of more than 10 years in this market, and the prominent features of each are introduced.

Manufacturers of Industrial Capacitors in the Iranian Market

1. Industrial Capacitors Manufactured by Frako

Frako is one of the world’s leading capacitor manufacturers, an international company based in Tinggen, Germany, which has been operating since 1928 and is now one of the largest and highest-quality producers of various industrial capacitors and power factor correction devices worldwide. Each year, it holds a significant share of this market with the latest technologies. This German brand has been used for years in regional distribution companies of petrochemicals and metal and steel industries in Iran and is considered one of the reputable brands in the electrical industry.

Prominent Features of Frako Germany Capacitors:

– Can withstand currents up to 2.7 times the rated current continuously.

– Can withstand surge currents up to 450 times the rated current.

– Self-healing property.

– Environmentally friendly.

– Range of Frako Germany capacitors: from 2.5 kilovars to 30 kilovars.

2. Industrial Capacitors Manufactured by Siemens

One type of industrial capacitor is the capacitor manufactured by the renowned German company Siemens. Siemens is one of the leading capacitor manufacturers globally. This capacitor brand, known as “Saba” and produced under Siemens license in Iran, consists mainly of gas capacitors and cylindrical dry capacitors used under the Siemens name in Iran for low-pressure three-phase capacitors. This brand of capacitors possesses the following features:

– It has a cylindrical aluminum body.

– It features a gel layer for better cooling of the cylindrical capacitor.

– It has pressure interrupter capability.

– The design of the capacitor body is made of metal with MPP coating.

– According to relevant standards, the useful life of this capacitor is 100,000 hours.

– Compared to similar capacitors, the quick and easy installation is one of the advantages of this type of capacitor.

– Another advantage of this type of capacitor is the internal fuse for protection against explosions.

– Siemens capacitors range from 5 kilovars to 30 kilovars.

3. Industrial Capacitors Manufactured by Lifasa

International Capacitors S.A., trading under the name LIFASA, is one of the capacitor manufacturers founded in 1949 in Barcelona, Spain. The company is engaged in producing electrical equipment such as various industrial capacitors, reactors, harmonic filters, network analyzers, and more.

The company has always prioritized energy efficiency optimization and, for this reason, has focused its major activities on manufacturing and supplying equipment related to this goal in various industries.

LIFASA Industries, as the exclusive representative of LIFASA Spain in Iran, was established with the aim of enhancing technical knowledge in areas such as testing, services, energy optimization, reactive power compensation, and reduction and elimination of harmonic distortions through the transfer of technology from reputable European companies. The company also provides services and supplies equipment in related fields in the country.

Backed by specialized personnel and technologies from renowned European companies, this company offers suitable solutions to reduce the very high energy costs in various industrial sectors such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, steel, cement, water and wastewater, electricity distribution and transmission networks, and more.

Prominent features of LIFASA capacitors:

– Ability to withstand double the rated current overload

– Ability to withstand peak current of 400 times the rated current

– High temperature tolerance for operation in adverse conditions

– Environmental compatibility

– Diverse range of products

– LIFASA Spain capacitors range from 2.5 kilovars to 50 kilovars.

4. Industrial Capacitors Manufactured by PKC Capacitor Company

PKC Capacitor Company is among the reputable manufacturers of low-voltage capacitors approved by organizations such as the Tehran Regional Electricity Company, Tabriz Electricity Distribution Company, National Fuel Optimization Company, National Iranian Oil Company, Gas Company, and others.

High quality along with competitive prices has enabled this company to offer a significant portion of its products in global markets and another part in the domestic market.

Based on this, Pars Capacitor Company has succeeded in continuously exporting its products to more than 15 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Competition has never caused the quality of our products to change, and we always strive to improve the quality so that our products are often introduced and recommended to potential customers by our current clients.

Prominent features of PKC capacitors:

– Minimum current tolerance up to 1.3 times the rated current continuously (in accordance with IEC standards)

– Minimum surge current tolerance up to 100 times the rated current (in accordance with IEC standards)

– Competitive prices while maintaining quality

– Various connections for different types of industrial capacitors to the network through terminal types such as F-type, st, mt, bt

– High product variety

– Pars Capacitor Company’s capacitor range: 1 kilovolt to 60 kilovolt-amperes

5. Industrial Capacitors Manufactured by Pars Capacitor Company

Pars Capacitor Company, as one of the capacitor manufacturing companies, started its activities in 1975 with the aim of establishing factories in the electrical and electronic industries, particularly the factory for manufacturing power factor correction capacitors. Concurrent with the establishment of the company, a contract was signed with “VISHAY” factory in Germany to transfer capacitor manufacturing technology. After completing the construction of the building and installing the necessary machinery, the production of power capacitors began.

The high quality and international standards of the products manufactured by this company led to its good reputation, encouragement, and consequently, the advancement and expansion of the factory. Eventually, based on suggestions and encouragements from officials and the country’s needs, the production of high-pressure and high-frequency power factor correction capacitors was put on the agenda. In this regard, with the conclusion of a new contract with “VISHAY” factory in Germany, the necessary technical information was obtained, and under the license of the mentioned factory, high-pressure capacitors were successfully produced and introduced to the market.

The types of products (industrial capacitors) offered by this brand include:

1- Various low-voltage power factor correction capacitors (up to 300 kilowatts with voltages ranging from 220 to 660 volts)

2- Various medium-voltage power factor correction capacitors (from 25 kilowatts to 550 kilowatts with a maximum voltage of 24,000 volts)

3- Various medium-frequency power factor correction capacitors cooled by water (with a maximum frequency of 200,000 cycles per second and a power of 6600 kilowatts per unit)

4- Various water-cooled power factor correction capacitors (with powers ranging from 1000 kilowatts with voltages from 660 to 3000 volts)

5- Various self-healing capacitors of oil, dry, and gas types (from 5 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts with a maximum voltage of 690 volts)

6- Various capacitors for power electronic circuits (direct current)

7- Various direct current stream filter capacitors with a maximum voltage of 100 kilovolts

8- Various coupling capacitors of 5/7.2 kilovolts for telecommunications networks (PLC)

6. Industrial Capacitors by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is among the renowned manufacturers of capacitors, offering industrial capacitors for reactive power compensation in self-contained loads, reduction of circuit phase shift components, voltage regulation, and system losses reduction due to decreased correction current, power factor correction.

Here are some prominent specifications of Schneider Electric’s industrial capacitors:

– The range of Schneider Electric capacitors varies from 7.5 kilowatts to 30.3 kilowatts.

– Schneider Electric capacitors are manufactured in two voltage ratings: 400 volts and 440 volts.

– They feature intelligent regulators with 6-step and 12-step options, suitable for the startup and control of capacitor banks.

We appreciate your accompanying us until the end of the article introducing industrial capacitors. You can explore the various equipment offered by these reputable brands on the ElectroShaily website, along with price lists, and make purchases after reviewing the technical specifications.

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