Industrial Applications of Capacitors

Capacitors play a vital role in the electrical industry today, especially in factories, among which power factor correction is one of the most significant.

Within a production line, numerous induction motors exist, which, due to the characteristics of induction motors, lead to an increase in the reactive power consumption of the factory.

Reactive power is power that is consumed but does not perform useful work. Given that smart meters capable of measuring both reactive and active power are now widely used for industrial and residential purposes, consumers are obligated to pay for both active and reactive power consumption.

One of the primary methods to reduce reactive power in factories and residential consumption is the utilization of capacitors as power factor correction devices.

Industrial capacitors are typically divided into two groups:

1. Low-pressure capacitors

2. Medium-pressure capacitors

Capacitors for Low Voltage Applications

Low voltage capacitors, produced in cylindrical shapes, have voltages less than 1000 volts. They come in two models: single-phase and three-phase capacitors, with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 30 kilovars. Low voltage capacitors are utilized for power factor correction, possessing the ability to reduce losses in low voltage networks and contribute to energy savings. Additionally, they are employed to improve and regulate voltage to prevent equipment damage by maintaining a stable voltage.

Medium Voltage Capacitors

Medium voltage capacitors have voltages exceeding 1000 volts. At this voltage level, capacitors are oil-filled and are produced in both three-phase and single-phase models. The key properties of capacitors include rated voltage, frequency, ambient temperature, and kilovars. Single-phase capacitors are manufactured in various dimensions and kilovar ratings.

Industrial Capacitor Applications

Signal Processing:

– To prevent damage during system shutdowns of separated power source systems, electric load is prepared.

Motor Starter:

– Used to prevent delays, correct power factor, and filter out waves that occur during AC/DC rectification.

Air Conditioning:

– Found in some oscillator circuits.

In electronic boards, used to eliminate noise generated in copper traces.

Energy Storage:

– Utilized in places where delay application is needed.

Also acts as an audio filter or is used to eliminate DC voltage from audio signals.

Digital Memories

Pulse Power


Types of Industrial Capacitors in the Iranian Market

1. PKC Capacitor

2. Frako Capacitor

3. Lifasa Capacitor

4. Pars Capacitor

5. Pars Fanal Capacitor

6. Chint Capacitor

7. ISBS Capacitor

PKC Capacitor

The PKC capacitor is composed of two metal plates with a layer of air or other insulators between them, used to store electrical energy through an electrostatic field in the circuit. PKC capacitors play a crucial role in creating a durable electric field. The main feature of PKC capacitors is their high energy storage capacity, making them suitable for producing various electronic devices such as radios and televisions. PKC capacitors act as filters in electronic device structures, allowing alternating signals to pass through easily while blocking direct signals.

Industrial Capacitors Overview

Frako Germany

Frako Germany is one of the leading and reputable brands in the field of low voltage capacitors. These capacitors are made from a combination of dry mineral granules with an aluminum body and electrodes. It can be said that Frako capacitors exceed international standards in terms of voltage tolerance, temperature, and overload current. Additionally, with mechanisms such as self-healing and pressure disconnectors alongside their main function of reactive power compensation, they provide high safety to capacitor banks and industrial units.

Lifasa Spain

Lifasa began its work with lighting capacitors in Spain in 1949 and has since become one of the renowned brands in the field of power factor correction equipment worldwide.

Pars Capacitor

Pars capacitor is an electrical component used to store electrical energy, which can be utilized in circuits after energy storage by the capacitor. Capacitors can store electric charge or electrical energy within them. One of the industrial applications of capacitors is for power factor correction in the network.

Pars Fanal Capacitor

Pars Fanal capacitors can store electric charge and energy within them, which can then be utilized in circuits after energy storage.

Among the industrial applications of capacitors, power factor correction in the network is significant.

Fanal Germany was established in the 1970s by Westinghouse USA in Germany and started production and operation under this name.

ISBS Capacitor

ISBS capacitor company, as a pioneering manufacturer in the field of production and supply of industrial automation and electrical products, has succeeded in becoming one of the top brands in industrial electrical equipment.

This capacitor, with its electronic and microprocessor-based structure, can control and command the switching of capacitor stages.

ISBS is one of the finest companies producing industrial electrical equipment, registered as an Iranian brand, with its production taking place in China.

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