An Essential Difference between UPS and Stabilizer

In this article, we aim to discuss the difference between UPS and stabilizers by Electrosheel. Stay with us as we present important and noteworthy points in this regard.

UPS and Stabilizer

Both stabilizers (domestic transformers) and UPS serve as voltage stabilizers, equipped with electronic and electrical filters to eliminate power fluctuations and noise. They deliver consistent electricity to consumers, but the key difference lies in the fact that UPS comes with a battery backup for power outages.

Stabilizer, also known as stabilizer or voltage stabilizer, is a device used to protect electrical appliances against power fluctuations in the city’s electricity.

During voltage drops or surges in city electricity, this device adjusts the voltage from the standard 220 volts to 220 volts and protects electrical devices from power cuts.

Stabilizers are manufactured using various methods. In the transformer type, the stabilizer’s control unit monitors the city’s voltage and adjusts the transformer taps in case of voltage increase or decrease. Stabilizers can compensate for voltage fluctuations within the range of 140 to 240 volts when city electricity is available.

If the city’s electricity voltage goes outside the stabilizer’s minimum and maximum voltage range (140-260), the device’s output power is cut off.

When to Use UPS and Stabilizer?

The choice between using UPS or a stabilizer depends on the consumer’s needs. For hospitals, laboratories, and places where uninterrupted power supply is crucial and power outages could lead to irreparable damages, the use of UPS is recommended. However, considering the relatively low occurrence of power cuts, especially in large cities, using a stabilizer is more economically feasible for household purposes.

UPS devices only consist of an electronic board that cuts off power when the voltage exceeds or falls below the defined limit, along with a delay circuit for reconnecting power with a specific time frame. Due to its simplistic nature, this system is not a completely reliable protector for consumer devices. On the other hand, a stabilizer, with its intelligent microcontroller, provides a much more secure protection for electrical appliances.

Difference between UPS and Stabilizer:

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, meaning it provides power for devices such as computers, medical equipment, security systems, banks, hospitals, surgical and dental devices, and ATMs independently of whether there is incoming power or not, for a limited period.

A stabilizer is a device that stabilizes voltage and prevents damage to electrical appliances from instability and high voltage.

However, UPSs provide emergency power supply for electrical appliances for a short period, typically around 15 minutes, when the power goes out. This allows you the chance to save open files on your computer and then shut down your computer properly to prevent sudden shutdown and file loss.

An Overview of UPS:

UPS is an electrical device that provides emergency power supply for electrical appliances when the power goes out.

It utilizes power from a battery installed within it. When an electrical device experiences power loss or voltage drop, it protects the device by using the stored electrical power in its battery.

UPSs are typically used for hardware protection.

They are designed in various sizes to protect different loads, ranging from a computer without a monitor at around 200 VA to large buildings at around 49 megawatts. They are available in single-phase and three-phase models. In these types of UPSs, battery sizes can range from 12 amps to 250 amps, along with battery cabinets. In three-phase models, batteries can be either 24 volts or 48 volts.

UPS systems are composed of four main components: charger, battery, DC to AC converter, and solid-state switch.

Compared to inverters, UPS systems have greater power and capacity; additionally, the batteries used in UPS systems have higher power compared to inverters.

The power supply time of UPS systems depends on the sealed lead-acid battery connected to them.

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