Why Should We Use LS Products?

Perhaps the name LS products has become familiar to you. This article by Electrosheil explains why you should consider choosing LS products as your primary option.

About LS

From 1974 to 2004, LG had a significant position in the production of various products.

However, in 2005, it decided to separate LS, a subsidiary of LG, and continue its activities independently. The headquarters of LS ELECTRIC is located in Anyang City, 35 miles south of Seoul, South Korea, with over 3,500 employees from around the world working for the company. LS ELECTRIC has numerous representatives in various countries, including LS representation in Iran.

One noteworthy aspect is the innovations made by the company in research and development. LS ELECTRIC makes substantial investments in research and development to attract more success and recognition from customers.

Manufacturing Electrical Equipment and Industrial Automation

As a subsidiary of LG, LS is actively involved in the production of electrical equipment and industrial automation. Keep in mind that LS has a representation in South Korea. However, you can also obtain products from this company through Electrosheil, the LS representative in Iran.

LG took its first step into the field of manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment by opening a PLC production line in 1984. Two years later, in 1986, the company began producing its first series of inverters, marking a new phase in the development of power technology.

Distinguishing LG Company Sections

To optimize the use of its expertise, LG decided to separate different sections of the company. This initiative led to the creation of three independent units named LG, GS, and LS, each operating in different fields. LG focuses on construction and oil, GS is involved in chemistry and electronics, and LS ELECTRIC operates in the field of industrial automation.

Initiation of LS Company’s Activities

In 2005, LS Company officially commenced its activities with the goal of providing intelligent and innovative products, emphasizing a safe, prosperous, and efficient life for the future. Operating under the production branch LSIS (LS Industrial System), this initiative demonstrates the company’s successful decision-making to lead in the field of industrial electrical products.

Products Manufactured by LS ELECTRIC

Specializing in the production of industrial electrical products, LS ELECTRIC manufactures various types of equipment and offers a diverse range of products to the market. The company provides high-quality products, including PLCs, LS inverters, LS contactors, LS thermal relays, LS automatic switches, LS life protectors, LS miniature switches, and other industrial electrical equipment. Detailed information about each of these products can be obtained from LS representatives.

ElectroShaily: LS Products Sales Representative

ElectroShaily, as a sales representative for LS products in South Korea, provides complete warranty and guarantees the authenticity of the goods to its valued customers.

LS is one of the most familiar companies in the field of industrial electrical equipment in South Korea. As a member of LS, LG, and SG holdings, it has gained significant recognition in the electronics and audio-visual industry. By offering LG brand products, this company is known not only in South Korea but also in Iran as a reputable brand.

As a representative of LS equipment in South Korea, TeslaKala ensures the authenticity and replacement guarantee of the products. It guarantees that LS ELECTRIC’s original and high-quality products will be delivered to customers across Iran as quickly as possible.

Why Should We Use LS Products?

Do LS products come with a warranty?

One of the common questions from customers is related to the warranty on LS ELECTRIC products. Regarding this question, it can be stated that all equipment produced by this company, including the authenticity warranty and the possibility of product replacement, is covered.

LS Product Quality: A Close Look

One of the priorities for customers when deciding to purchase products is their quality. In the case of LS, there is no concern related to the quality of its products. The company has dedicated high quality to its products by using the best components and advanced technologies. Therefore, customers can confidently proceed with their purchases.

All aspects of the LS company and ElectroShaily representation have been comprehensively reviewed in this article. With the comprehensive information at your disposal, you can easily decide to purchase products from ElectroShaily’s LS representation. Additionally, you can ask your questions to our team of experts to make the best possible choice.

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