Reasons to Purchase Hyundai Industrial Electrical Products

As you may be aware, there is a high demand for Hyundai industrial electrical products in the current market. In this article, we aim to provide you with insights into the Hyundai brand and examine several key reasons to consider when purchasing products from this company.

Hyundai Industrial Electrical Products

Hyundai, which commenced its operations in 1964 and is recognized as the largest conglomerate in South Korea, manufactures a diverse range of electrical appliances. Hyundai’s industrial electrical products include various types of contactors, miniature switches (miniature fuses), automatic switches, metal-free relays, and more.

For more information about Hyundai, you can read about the company [here](direct link to Hyundai information page).

Hyundai Contactors: A Reliable Choice for Industrial Electrical Systems

Contactors, regarded as essential magnetic switches, play a crucial role in electric control circuits, particularly in industrial machinery for starting and controlling operations. Additionally, contactors are fundamental components in industrial automation equipment.

By choosing Hyundai industrial electrical products, you benefit from high quality, reliable performance, and modern technology. These products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and cater to diverse industrial needs.

With Hyundai, you can seek technology-driven solutions for your requirements and stay abreast of advancements in the electrical industry.

In other words, a contactor serves as a controllable electrical switch used to connect and disconnect electrical circuits. This device is typically controlled by a control circuit that has less power compared to the switching circuit. It’s important to note that a contactor, in comparison to a relay, can withstand a higher current load.

Contactors, in terms of physical structure and performance, closely resemble each other. As mentioned earlier, Hyundai, with its illustrious history in the field of industrial electricity, has successfully produced high-quality products such as contactors.

Therefore, due to their high quality and current-carrying capacity, it is recommended to prioritize Hyundai in the selection of industrial electrical products, especially Hyundai contactors. A Hyundai contactor is undoubtedly a must-have on your shopping list for industrial electrical products.

Hyundai Miniature Switches: High-Quality Electrical Solutions

As you are aware, Hyundai (HYUNDAI), a reputable electrical equipment manufacturer, offers a variety of high-quality electrical switches in the market. These switches, due to their suitable quality and wide applications, find their place in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Within the family of Hyundai industrial electrical products, various types of miniature switches have been introduced to the market. As an example, the single-phase 10-amp miniature switch is noteworthy. This switch, capable of operating at voltages ranging from 230 to 400 volts, is suitable for various locations, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

As indicated by the model name, the maximum current intensity tolerated by this switch is 10 amps. If the current exceeds this value, the electrical circuit is automatically disconnected. It is also recommended to install miniature switches on specialized rails for optimum performance.

Additional Benefits of Hyundai Miniature Switches

The miniature switch acts as an excellent protective tool against unauthorized currents for electrical circuits. In case the current surpasses the nominal limit and reaches an excessive level, the miniature fuse blows, leading to the interruption of the electrical current.

In simple terms, a fuse is a protective device used in electrical equipment and circuits. When the current exceeds the allowable limit, the fuse burns out, disconnecting the circuit and preventing damage to the equipment.

Miniature switches are available in various types, including glass, melting, push-button, and blade switches. They are also categorized as fast-acting and slow-acting, with the fast-acting type suitable for lighting circuits and the slow-acting type suitable for motor circuits.

Hyundai’s metal-free relays are an advanced protective equipment that has carved out a significant portion of the electrical equipment market with its extensive variety. These products fall under the category of Hyundai’s metal-free relays in the industrial electrical equipment classification. With a diverse range of products, choosing the best Hyundai metal-free relay for your specific needs is essential. During the purchase, take advantage of Electrosheili’s consulting and support services and receive comprehensive guidance from experienced specialists in selecting the best equipment. The examination of Hyundai’s metal-free relay products, ranging from 0.12 to 800 amps, signifies a remarkably high diversity and presents various options for different applications.

Bimetal Components

– Copper blades for connection to the contactor.

– Output terminals for connection to consumer cables.

– Open and closed circuit control contacts.

– Tab or screw for adjusting the bimetal’s current or sensitivity.

– Toggle switch for manual and automatic mode.

– Reset button or status return to the initial state.

The Hyundai brand serves various bimetal types, some of which are outlined below.

Types of Hyundai Bimetals:

– Simple-type bimetals installable on contactors up to 90 amps.

– CT-equipped bimetals installable on contactors from 110 to 800 amps.

Protective covering is a crucial measure that ensures proper device settings and functionality. This protective cover prevents unnecessary interference and unauthorized tampering. If adjustments are needed, simply lift the cover to apply the desired changes.

The test button is designed for emergency safety situations. Using this button, you can immediately stop the motor and prevent damage to the device. This button is also utilized to test the performance of thermal relay contacts.

By using the current adjustment screw, you can accurately set the nominal current in three stages. Additionally, the reset button comes with both automatic and manual modes to enhance the user experience.

Main Circuit Terminal: A Versatile Connection Solution

The main circuit terminal of this device is provided with a standard screw-type terminal model. For the range of 40 to 100 AF, the option of a screw-type terminal with a washer has been considered as a custom choice.

The TOR safety structures effectively execute the features of preventing test operation during work or misuse by the user. Moreover, precise differentiation between the reset button and the test button during operation prevents any malfunctions. The UTH series of this device, with a range from 9 to 800 amps, allows you to connect directly to the contactor and the DIN-rail adapter up to 100 AF.

Different ranges of Hyundai bimetals are listed below:

– Bimetal 28 to 40 amps:

For use in contactors of 65 to 90 amps, such as the HiTH90K 40S model.

– Bimetal 36 to 50 amps:

Designed for use in contactors of 65 to 90 amps, like the HiTH90K 50S model.

– Bimetal 45 to 65 amps:

Intended for use in contactors of 65 to 90 amps, for example, the HiTH90K 65S model.

– Bimetal 60 to 80 amps:

For working with contactors of 65 to 90 amps, such as the HiTH90K 80S model.

– Bimetal 70 to 90 amps:

Suitable for use in contactors of 65 to 90 amps, like the HiTH90K 90S model.

Advantages of Bimetal over Fuse Switches:

– Despite a fault in one phase, it disconnects the other two phases and the control circuit.

– Higher sensitivity with increasing current intensity.

– Circuit interruption in less than 2 seconds with a tenfold increase in nominal current.

– In the presence of a continuous 10% overload, it disconnects the circuit after 2 hours.

– Sensitivity to ambient temperature.

Reasons to Purchase Hyundai Industrial Electrical Products

Hyundai Automatic Switch:

Hyundai automatic switch is used to protect against overload, short-circuit current, and safeguard various installations including lighting, industrial electricity, wiring, and machinery. This switch, or MCCB, combines sections sensitive to both thermal and electromagnetic currents, ensuring safety and protection of electrical circuits.

This product is composed of three main contacts, auxiliary contacts, and arc-fault contacts. Its body is made of highly durable injection-molded materials, designed as a very efficient product with compact dimensions and support for necessary protections in electrical circuits.           

The Hyundai automatic switch, model HGM125H, has the capability to disconnect the circuit in the presence of currents exceeding 250 amperes. Operating at a voltage of 440 volts, it can withstand a short-circuit current of up to 38,000 amperes. Under such conditions, the automatic switch promptly interrupts the circuit upon detecting a short circuit, preventing the occurrence of serious damages.

On the other hand, an overload current may exceed the nominal circuit current by a few percentages or even double to triple it over time. This is crucial because protective devices must have the capability to disconnect the circuit before any damage occurs to the insulation. This feature is one of the most important factors preventing hazards such as fires, short circuits, and electric shocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions that are commonly raised when purchasing Hyundai industrial electrical products require a precise understanding of these matters.

1. How is the authenticity of Hyundai industrial electrical products guaranteed?

   Answer: All products provided by Electrosheali ensure the authenticity of the goods, and this guarantee is communicated to you at the time of purchase.

2. What is the quality of Hyundai products?

   Answer: The products offered by the Electrosheali group adhere to the highest global quality standards, and the originality of the components is guaranteed.

3. What are the costs of Hyundai equipment?

   Answer: By eliminating intermediaries and directly importing industrial electrical equipment, Electrosheali guarantees the best prices and presents possible costs to you.

4. Do Hyundai products come with a warranty?

   Answer: One of the primary approaches of Electrosheali is to provide after-sales services and warranties for products by the manufacturer.

5. How are the deliveries of Hyundai products carried out?

   Answer: Your order is promptly packaged and sent to your requested destination throughout Iran.

6. Do you need consultation?

   Answer: Electrosheali’s experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of industrial electricity are ready to provide specialized consultation to customers.

We hope that by reading this article and obtaining the information provided for the purchase of Hyundai industrial electrical products, you can easily select the equipment you need and benefit from Electrosheali’s services with the best quality and the most reasonable prices.

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